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Reported by Naweed Akram Abbasi from Bakote, Abbottabad
Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan (:سردار مهتاب احمد خان عباسي) is a Pakistani politician from Abbottabad District and the current Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.He was the former Chief Minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa from 1997 to 1999 and Federal Minister for Railways in the 2008 PM Yousaf Raza Gillani cabinet.[2] He is politically affiliated with PML-N, where he is the Senior Vice President. He has served as a senator from March 2003, but resigned on March 17, 2008, when he won the NA-17 Abbottabad-I National Assembly seat in the 2008 general election, held on February 18, 2008.

Education and early life
Sardar Mehtab Ahmad Khan Abbasi was born on 15 December 1952 in Malkot, Abbottabad District to a Hindko speaking family of Hazara.He passed matriculation from Govt High School, Murree, and graduated from the Sir Syed School in Rawalpindi. He then went on to do his LLB and practiced in the courts of Rawalpindi . Finding the legal profession not to his liking, he joined his father Sardar Muhammad Nawaz Khan's clothing business in Rawalpindi Saddar. His uncle Sardar Sarfaraz Khan had contested local elections but never won and so promoted his nephew Sardar Mehtab in Circle Bakote, who was elected for the first time in 1985 as an independent candidate. He became popular among the people of Circle Bakote and has been successful in every election until now.
Chief Minister
Mehtab Ahmed Khan became the 22nd chief minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on the 21 February 1997, taking over from Raja Sikander Zaman, and served until 12 October 1999.[3] During his tenure he invested heavily in area of Circle Bakote, a relatively poor and underdeveloped area. During this time, he electrified all of the area, provided facilities such as telephone lines, water supply schemes, link roads, like the KohalaMoolia road, Sowargali – Boi road, Birote – Berote Khurd, and the Osia – Malkot road. He constructed the Murree – Abbottabad road as a motorway and upgraded high schools in Ayubia, Birote and Bakot without buildings. Mr Abbasi approved the Chief Minister Development Plan prepared by Prof Dr Muhammad Subhan Qureshi which later on was updated to Dairy Science Park through two international workshops. The Park has given birth to Peshawar Meat Company to be implemented jointly by the University of Agriculture Peshawar, Department of Local Government and Rural Development, KPCCI, SMEDA and KPBOIT. Details are available at[4]
 Sardar Mehtab had taken oath in 1997 as Chief Minister KPK
As Senator
He then became a senator in March 2003. He opposed the award of ticket to Sardas Idrees Khan of Karlal tribe of Galyat as a candidate of PML (N) to the Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif in 2002 general elections, but he won the election as MPA of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, and was appointed as Provincial Minister of the Local Bodies Ministry.
Post-CM political career
Mehtab Ahmed Khan did not contest the general elections in 2002 for National Assembly, and therefore had to settle as a Senator in the March 2003 – March 2009 tenure. In the 2008 general elections, Mehtab Ahmed Khan won NA-17 Abbottabad seat [1], and hence vacated the Senate seat. He also won the PF-45 provincial assembly seat, which he will have to vacate as parliamentarian can only keep one seat. His son Shamoon yar Khan won this seat. [2]
 First poster of Sardar Mehtab 1st election in 1985
Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
The president of pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, on the advice of the Prime Minister, Nawaz sharif apppionted him as governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, province of Pakistan.He took oath of the office of the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on 15 April 2014 in Peshawar.[5]
 Weekly Hill Star Islamabad dated 16th to 23rd April. 2014. This report also published in Daily Nawa e Waqt Islamabad and Sarhad News Abbottabad on same day.
Is Sardar Mehtab is first Governor from Circle Bakote?
Sardar Mahtab Ahmed Khan son of Circle Bakote who has won the seat of Khyber Pekhtonkhwa governorship after 71 month of his last day of his Chief Ministerdom of same province. A question is raising by his hometown fellows why Sardar Mehtab is solo or ever first Governor from his losing constituency? Yes, off course he is first Governor of his parental province but not a solo Governor. Very limited group of Circle Bakote people know that Mohammed Shafee Qureshi is also a son of Birote, Circle Bakote who ruled twice Indian states of Behar and Uter Perdaish in 1991 and 1993-6 respectively.
Who is Mohammed Shafee Qureshi?
Mohammed Shafee Qureshi is senior parliamentarian of Indian Lok Sabha (National Assembly) from constituency of Annant Nag Islamabad, Indian held Kashmir. He is younger son of Raja Mohammed Amin Khan of Khani Bagla, Birote. Raja Mohammed Amin Khan a pioneer transporter among Raja Nazer Khan of Juyal, Ghulam Nabi Shah (father of Dr. Ilyas Shah) and Mehmood Shah of Birote who founded Sri Nager Rawalpindi Transport Service (SRT) in 1935. He belonged to Nawaesal sub tribe of Dhund Abbasies of Birote. Furst he married with his tribe lady and she gave birth of his eldor son Abdul Majeed Abbsi who died in Birote in 2004. His second wife was belonged to Qureshi tribe of Kashmir and Mohammed Shafee Qureshi is younger son of Raja Mohammed Amin Khan from his Kashmiri wife.
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Remarks about Taliban, Sardar Mehtab under attack in Senate
Remarks made by the newly appointed Governor of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) regarding a general amnesty to militants drew criticism from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in the upper house during the Senate session on Thursday. Condemning the suggestion recently made by Sardar Mehtab Khan Abbasi, the PPP demanded that the government either disown the statement or clear its stance. It also asked that the house be briefed about the prisoners who have been released.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the maiden statement of the newly appointed KPK governor proposing to give general amnesty to militants would demoralise security forces and lend strength to the militants. He said that Abbasi’s statement would have disastrous implications for the security of the country and the fight against militants.
“Has the new provincial governor been appointed to prepare grounds and implement this new policy towards militants?” he questioned. Babar said that such a policy statement could not have been made by the governor in his personal capacity nor can he feign ignorance. He said that being the highest representative of the federal government in the militancy-infested K-P region, the governor is also the agent of the president for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). “It is inconceivable that such a statement could have been made without the knowledge and even direction of the federal government,” he said, demanding clarity on the matter. Babar was backed by Senators Raza Rabbani and Rehman Malik.
Rabbani said the house needs to be given details of the identities and charges of the prisoners already released. “Since we are told that these prisoners are insignificant, why would the TTP demand their release?” he said.
If the process of negotiations had met a dead end, the government should think about all other options, he added. Rabbani asked the deputy chairman of the senate to ask the leader of the house, Raja Zafarul Haq, to call upon the interior minister to answer these questions.
Haq explained that the meeting of the federal cabinet is due today (Friday), however, he would make sure that the issues highlighted in the business advisory committee would be addressed accordingly. <Read More>

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In Hazara festival at Haripor on 24th April, 2014
DG ISI Raja Zaheer ul Islam
 met with Governor S Mehtab Ahmed Khan on 20th Oct, 2014